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Your Fashion Statement

BOHEM is a fashion style and trend driven brand, which seeks to break barriers, creating a mixture of bold statement products unique to the fashion industry, differentiating the individual from the crowd. We offer a variety of nail jewellery designs all carefully selected to represent different styles, aspirations and personalities – but are all similarly making a statement – your fashion statement.


Designer Brand

Something unique and daring needs a brand that will progress through time, changing and evolving based on what time brings, what trends come and go, and most importantly what people want. What makes BOHEM different? – Unique, timeless, expressive and fearless designs and a brand renowned for producing bold innovative jewellery design items alongside classic items.

nail jewelleryWe are driven and inspired by bold fashion lines, unique music artists and the world of contemporary design.

Bold, expressive, fearless and modern

Inspiration comes from the unique combination that defines an urban scene – a massive following of underground and street styles, evolving independent music scene and a unique mixture of diverse cultures. We are combining these diverse parts of the urban life with the historic legacy of the biggest jewellery centre in Europe – the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, an urban village where BOHEM nail jewellery was created.

Intertwining urban city fashion and jewellery craft skills result in beautiful precious metal nail products that do not just look good but have high standards of quality at the same time.

metal nail art and nail jewellery


Express Individualism

We bring you fashion-trend statement products, to fulfil your desires to express individualism and reflect your unique style. We offer city-style inspired precious metal nails (silver, gold and more) to match subtle styles and bespoke occasions, with new designs released every season.
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Urban Fashion

Re-uniting statement jewellery and the urban city scene, results in a high quality, original, statement making and barrier breaking fashion-trend-led brand. BOHEM embraces its uniqueness and helps you celebrate yours.
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BOHEM promise

Fashion is unique, expressive and powerful. We believe fashion culminates from inspirations in the real-world and real-people, from the reality, beauty and emotions of life itself.
Therefore, you will not find another company that is as driven by the people we want our products to represent. It is our responsibility to maintain high standards of jewellery quality, but more importantly to never stop listening, and give you everything we can offer, whilst keeping the communication real and personal.

Stand out Show off.