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How long is BOHEM nail jewellery designed to stick to my finger nail?

For best results, we advise always using the BOHEM adhesive tabs, which have been specially designed to be thin and ultra-strong.

Provided you follow the instructions set out in the ‘How to apply’ video, each tab will provide you with up to 3 days of wear.
Additional tabs are available to purchase from our website.

How long does it takes to receive my order?

This depends where you live and the delivery option you choose.

Standard delivery within the UK is 2-4 working days.
EU delivery is 3-5 working days.
Outside of EU is 5-7 working days.

If you select our Standard Delivery, we will dispatch your item within 2-4 working days of receiving cleared payment, if the items are in stock.
If the item you select is out of stock you will be informed of the timescale for delivery and given the option to cancel your order, or choose another design.

Please refer to our delivery policy and terms of sale.

How do I fit the BOHEM nail jewellery to my nails?

BOHEM nail jewellery is designed to be fitted with BOHEM adhesive tabs. Please read the how to apply page or watch the video on how to apply.

How many times can I re-use my BOHEM nail?

Like all silver jewellery items, BOHEM nail jewellery is long-lasting and can be worn time and time again.

How do I polish my BOHEM nail jewellery?

Your order will arrive with a specially designed BOHEM polishing cloth. Use this cloth to lightly polish your BOHEM nail jewellery and watch the shine and lustre return to your items.

Additional BOHEM polishing cloths can be ordered from our website.

You should NEVER use nail polish remover or any other ACETONE base products on BOHEM nail jewellery as this will result in damage to the enamel.

Can I buy more BOHEM Adhesive Tabs?

Yes, you can order more BOHEM adhesive tabs on our website.

Does BOHEM nail jewellery cause any damage to my nails?

The BOHEM nail jewellery range is 100% safe to wear and, provided instructions are followed and BOHEM adhesive tabs used, will not damage your natural nails.

Removing BOHEM nail jewellery does NOT require the use of acetone base products which are not very good for your skin or nails.

What are the markings on my BOHEM nail jewellery?

There are 2 markings, which make up the hallmark – the sign of quality.

From left to right, the first mark (BO) is to identify that the item of jewellery was produced by BOHEM. The second mark is to identify that the item is produced from genuine precious metals such as genuine sterling silver (925). These markings will appear on every piece of genuine BOHEM nail jewellery.

Do I get any Adhesive Tabs with my BOHEM nail jewellery?

Yes, your order will be delivered with 12 free BOHEM adhesive tabs.

Additional tabs are available to order from our website.

Can I wear my BOHEM nail jewellery every day?

You can wear your BOHEM jewellery as often as you like to stand out or show off…Just don’t forget to regularly change your adhesive tabs.

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