Geometric nail art

Posted on: May 20, 2016

Go bold this summer with your nail art! Try different colors and shapes – lines, triangles and squares! Think geometric shapes!

Here are some beautiful examples for you to get inspiration for your graphic mani! Don’t forget to add a Bohem accent nail for more unique and glamorous look!

Which one is your favorite?



Pretty white mesh nails by



Simple but bold classic black and white nail art by @gemmamagpie




Line painting nails by




Each nail different by @nail_unistella




Pretty coral trinagle nail designby @colourclubnaillaquer




Black and rainbow colour nails work great together, by

These color combinations and bold black lines will catch everyone’s eye!



Classy two colour touch by @aliciatnails

Simple, beautiful and bold!



Minimalistic and beautiful nails by @beautyhigh

The pink accent on a white nail will give a special twist to your mani. You can also try many other color variations.  And it is a mega-easy and quick design!




Contrasting nails by @byrdie

We are loving that the each nail is different and unique!


Have you tried any of these nail designs? Share with us your pretty nail pictures!

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