Jenna Marbles nails

Posted on: February 4, 2015

Jenna Marbles & BOHEM nails – We love you Jenna!

A little while ago, team BOHEM sent out a little treat all the way to the United States, to the crazy-gorgeous-awesome YouTube sensation – Jenna Marbles (Mourey).

We are huge fans over here at BOHEM studios, and could not be any happier than we are with the response we got from Jenna and her fans.

Here is what Jenna said in her Instagram post:

I am dying right now @bohemnails just sent me some of these they are like the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s like actual nail jewelry that you adhere to you nail and can reuse. I cannot wait to use them, #playlistlivetho my nails are gonna be the jump off. Thank you so so so much! #bohemnails’

Hope to see Jenna rocking the nail jewellery soon!
Jenna Marbles Nails
(Jenna and her Italian greyhound Kermit)

Jenna Marbles Nails

Jenna Marbles Nails
Jenna said: ‘@bohemnails
i told you I was gon fleek my nails out for playlist. Sorry I’m a brat and want to wear as many as I can at once lol.’ Jenna Marbles wearing BOHEM Natural, Tropical Tiger and custom Rainbow.
jenna marbles nails

Jenna’s Instagram Post @jennamarbles
jenna marbles nails
Untitledss-1Here is one of Jenna’s brilliant YouTube video: Jenna Marbles – What A Girl’s Nails Mean (Youtube)

BOHEM is in the process of designing new and exciting styles of silver nails, with a lot more other surprises to come

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