Nail length and curvature

Posted on: April 24, 2015

Let’s talk about BOHEM nails in terms of lengths and curvatures, and how BOHEM nails match with your natural-nails.

“I really love the concept but wonder how well they work with longer nails or shorter nails.Is there any standard sized curve and any different colours available in them.” – Mirela Kasimovic

Nail length and curvature

BOHEM nails can be applied on top of short and long nails, meaning, your natural nail does not have to be as long as the BOHEM nail, however it can be stated that the nail will stay on longer if the natural nail is similar size and shape (more strength when you accidentally hit your finger against an object).

We have a standard curvature and the adhesive tabs which have a tiny bit of thickness and elasticity to ensure that different or unsteady curvatures of the natural-nail surface will not be an issue.

We can provide less or more curvature than the standard curvature, you can exchange your product for free to get this service. We will offer different curvatures, when the need for it emerges.

It is important to keep in mind that BOHEM nails are jewellery, they are to make your manicure stand out, to help you make a fashion statement, for you to show off. Therefore they should be treated with care and appreciation.

nail lengths and curvature

Stand out. Show off!


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