Nail piercings – the new must have trend!

Posted on: February 16, 2017

Trying to find something to add a little more dimension to your nails? Have you ever tried piecing your nails? Yes – nail piercings are a top thing now!

Jewellery for your nails, you can either use Bohem nails or an actual piercing dangling from your nail! You can use small and cute hoops, romantic little flowers and hearts, or stand out with an unique nail look like Kim Kardashian with the nail chains!

Lets have a look at our favorite nail piercing looks!

P.S. Adding a Bohem silver or gold nail will make you stand out from the crowd even more!


DEMI Lovato nail hoop

Demi Lovato simple but effective nail hoop!




K chain KK hoops

Kim Kardashian rocking the nail chains and hoops!




Nail chains on Philipp Plain catwalk!

piercing charm

Cute nail charm!

nail flower

Adorable flower nail piercing!

flower charm

Full on flower manicure!



And now you can even buy your own amazing DIY nail piercing kit with different charms!




Which one is your nail jewellery look?

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