Perfect Christmas Present

Posted on: November 27, 2014

How to find the perfect gifts to your Friends, Family or Special Someone?Untitled-2_5_1

Keep it simple (sometimes simple things are the best things)
1. He or she?
2. Teen years, adult years, early years etc?
3. When you see this person, what makes him or her stand out? Appearance, style and little details can betray a lot about what he / she likes.

hbz-under-100-gifts-perrier-jouet-smDig a little bit deeper than what is visible with the eye
4. What kind of person is he/she, what moral does he / she have or beliefs?
5. What does this person do in his/her spare time? Hobbies, Sports, Reading, Music etc. Perhaps his / her career is sort of a hobby or aspiration to him / herself.
6. Where does this person shop? Why? What does she / he like to buy? What is her favourite Colour?Perfect Christmas PresentPay attention!

All you need is to pay attention throughout the year what that person’s comments and feelings are like towards products or adverts he/she sees, and try to remember or write it down (you can also make a secret Pinterest board for yourself, so whenever you see something that would make a great gift – PIN IT). However, some people do not express their emotions towards everything they are revealed to, or you might just have not been at the right place at the right time with that person. In this case – this blog will give you some tips of how to come up with the perfect, personal and thoughtful gift.

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